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January 26, 2019

By Shane Connor.

I'm not a physician, much less your physician, so this is NOT medical advice.
If anything below of interest to you, consult your own doctor, who best knows
your medical conditions & medications, to assure they're no contraindications
before trying out anything here.

I wrote up the following for a couple other doctor friends that had asked me for more details...

Below, I'm posting all the latest about these two supplements I've been taking daily for over a decade now that have kept me flu, fever, cold, sniffles, and allergy free for all that time, with not a hint of any kind of ailment whatsoever since first starting this daily regime. Used to, before this, often suffer through the annual flu and the occasional colds, just like many normally do. Especially so for me with excess stress of too much work, too little sleep, or over-training; then there came all the sniffles & colds, or worse. Everybody around me now can get sick, and I never do anymore, at all, nada. Even during times when I was not at all living healthfully, and there were multi year long such stretches, as long as I'd taken these two dailies I was still good to go, nothing got to me.

If my experience has not been an anomaly, this may be well worth you, too, exploring in more depth.

Here's the info about the two supplements; KI & EpiCor...

I honestly don't know which does the most good, or if it's a synergy effect requiring both, but they are so cheap I just take them daily, both this EpiCor yeast, first mentioned below, and along with a high dose of potassium Iodide (KI) mentioned afterwords. They are very cheap at < $20/yr for both.

Here's the EpiCor yeast, same 70+ year proven Diamond V XPC animal supplement yeast as first spoken of here...


You could buy a 50 lb sack of it, that'd last you decades, but a quick search at ebay for "Diamond V XPC yeast" will reveal re-sellers of much smaller quantities.

And, here's exact same Diamond V animal stock in their new FDA approved 'human' version called EpiCor, check out the reviews there...


For some of the most recent human clinical science studies behind it, poke around EpiCor's site here...


Fascinating studies showing significant improvement with race horses athletic performance via Diamond V supplement here...


I used to only take the animal supplement version, a teaspoon a day works out to about $5/yr, and have decades worth still in the refrigerator, then a couple years ago got lazy while traveling and started carrying the amazon linked EpiCor capsules version above. No discernible difference between the two, either in formulation or effectiveness, except price and convenience.

Regarding the potassium iodide (KI), it was better known in medical school of old as the universal go-to before modern antibiotics. Some still know it as Lugol's Solution, which is usually 2/3rds potassium iodide (KI) and 1/3rd elemental iodine dissolved in water, making for a 15% strength solution. Can't be patented, so drug companies looked for anything else that'd work as well or better that they could then make $ on and so KI was largely shoved aside with few then researching and validating even more areas it'd be effective.

A couple of it's diverse applications include treating toenail fungus by applying a few drops of DMSO* that's been saturated with dissolved KI first. Twice daily treatments show great improvement within days where other pharmaceutical treatments had failed for years.

Another applications for KI is with a glass of water for any suspected onset of food poisoning. Promptly knocks it out.

Both, above, I've personally utilized and seen remarkably effective.

You have to hunt some to learn about KI, but if you do, as you'll see at this reputable .gov site...


"Iodine is used...treating fibrocystic breast disease; preventing breast cancer, eye disease, diabetes, and heart disease and stroke; and as an expectorant."

And, here, first referring to it's anti-fungal properties...


"...saturated solution of potassium iodide is often the only therapeutic choice available for the treatment of some infectious, inflammatory and immune-mediated dermatoses."

And, then more generally...

"The immunomodulatory characteristic of the drug justifies its mechanism of action in relation to other inflammatory and immune-mediated disorders. ,,, The lack of scientific investigations in this area could be justified by the lack of interest from the pharmaceutical industry in this old and unprofitable drug."

Not everybody thinks its still not profitably worth pursuing anymore, fascinating anti-viral patent for KI and other related iodine formulations here...


And, another study on its anti-viral influenza effectiveness and as an anti-bacterial when dose high enough...


"Iodine circulating in the blood is captured by many tissue sites and ends up in mucus secretions. The tissues include thyroid and salivary glands, nasal secretions, stomach, and lungs. Collectively, these tissues and mucus products contain free iodine which defends against invasion by bacteria and viruses."

Here's a 'must see' overview slide show of why most in USA today are iodine deficient and what else iodine supplementation helps counter and medical conditions it helps improve...


I take 1/4 of an adult daily thyroid radiation blocking dose of ThyroSafe KI (Manufactured by Recipharm, Stockholm AB, Sweden), which is half of one single tablet daily of their 2/day formulation, which is then 32.5 mgs of KI that delivers you roughly 25 mgs of elemental iodine. Normal adult daily dose for thyroid radiation protection is 2 whole tabs daily, totaling 130 mgs KI delivering about 100 mgs iodine, but I'm taking one quarter of that with just half of one single 65 mg KI tablet that gives me then 25 mgs of iodine. For years, I used to take twice that daily, but had long suspected less would do the job, so I dropped down to this current 32.5 mgs of KI delivering 25 mgs of iodine and continue to still be 100% illness free.

Half of that 32.5 mgs KI (25 mgs iodine), or 16.25 mgs for 12.5 mgs iodine, is about what Japanese get with their traditional diet, and might be all anybody would need, but I suspect not all Japanese eat traditional, as they still have their influenza epidemics there. However, even at their current average higher level than the USA, it may be major contributory factor to why Japanese have lower cancer rates until they move to USA, adopting an American diet that's generally deficient in iodine and well below their normal iodine intake back home.

I stay at 32.5 mgs KI delivering 25 mgs of iodine cause it's convenient, cheap and have been doing it for over a decade, without ill effect, and it works, so I'm gun shy to screw around with it. However, if short supply, I'd have no problem cutting dose to make it last longer and would not at all be surprised if the benefits are gotten at half what I take now.

Anybody wanting to try KI, I advise both starting at lower level than I am at now and to also first talk to their primary Physician before doing so, too. As mentioned above, only your own doctor, who best knows your medical history, conditions & medications, can assure they're no contraindications.

Most doctors won't see the utility of taking Iodine in this high of dose, so you might share this page with them, too. There are a few rare contraindications for both medications and conditions (like being allergic to iodine) that people need to be aware of, but usually for most it's even safer than aspirin for short term use, according to both the FDA and NRC. Longer term, though, you need to be prudent and keep an eye on thyroid function. While it's been working great for me for over a decade now, always illness free and take no prescription meds at 63, I can't speak for anybody else.

Finally, both EpiCor and KI are dirt cheap, a years worth of taking both everyday would cost less than $20 if you buy the animal supplement version of EpiCor and mix up your own KI from solution, cause 13 grams of KI mixed into one liter of water makes 400 adult doses of KI at that strength of 32.5 mgs per each 2.5 ml or one half measuring teaspoon. These doses are for adults, children would be much less. While KI doesn't keep forever in solution, I'd probably just do smaller batches or go with a saturated solution where I had a very small vial bottle and only added a little new dry KI crystals to keep a few floating to assure saturation is still maintained. In saturation, according to the NWSS book; "1 drop of a saturated solution of potassium iodide contains from 28 to 36 mg of potassium iodide." That would be close enough to 32.5 mgs KI desired.

Additionally, dry KI crystals kept cool/dry last forever and while KIO3 (which has same beneficial effect) does, too, it is much less hygroscopic, and does not go into solution very easily compared to KI.

Or, with that bottle stock of dry KI (USP pharmaceutical or reagent grade Potassium Iodide (KI) powder or crystals can be found at amazon or ebay) you could just weigh out 32.5 mgs and mix that into any drink of the day. Or, make up and stock up your own batch of 32.5 mg KI capsules.

A drop a day of KI solution or smidgen of dry crystals, along with a pinch of EpiCor, could keep most all contagious illness both at bay, or at least lesson their threats, too.

Bottom Line; Of all the drugs (both OTC and prescription antibiotics) and nutritional supplements, I have for emergency and of those I use daily, these two up above are at the very top of my list for 'don't ever leave home without them'. They are my essential first line of defense against any/all viral, bacterial, fungal threat today or unleashed in the future. If I'm at stress from outside factors or internal I'd brought on myself, I'm confident I'll snap back quicker fortified with them both, too.

I'd be interested in your opinion and experiences with them, if you get time to explore any of this yourself.

* DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide) is a fascinating solvent well worth exploring more. I use it daily to good effect for a variety of reasons. At amazon, buy & read these three books first and then buy some pharma grade DMSO here...





Call or write with any questions.

Best Regards,
Shane Connor

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